Asset Purchase and Management

FDC-Texas specializes in assisting investors in making the correct acquisitions in commercial agricultural farmland worldwide.

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Asset Purchase

FDC identifies possible farmlands for acquisition or long-term leases, assists with negotiations with the current land owner, and liaises with an agent or solicitor for the final agreement. We then develop a feasibility study to ensure the success of the project; followed by due diligence concerning all aspects of the project/property. A physical inspection of the site including soils, water, and environmental markets is conducted. We also review economic potential with respect to the land capabilities for revenue and profit generation.


Management of Property

We provide a finance management system to help monitor the project. We assist in sourcing and employing suitable farm managers and key personnel to help projects run smoothly. Through assisting in sourcing suitable farm equipment, whether for purchase or through rental agreements, we help negotiate with supply companies. In managing, we develop a marketing program that includes contact sales, derivatives, and co-op alternatives. This oversight of project management aims to maximize profits and yields. FDC also liaises with an accountancy firm to submit bankable packages to owners.

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