About FDC

For more than 50 years, Food Development Corporation “FDC” and its sister companies have built farming operations from scratch. 

Around the globe and in some of the harshest of regions FDC has been successful in developing sustainable agribusiness operations utilizing the latest in technologies, management, monitoring, processing and marketing.



ha. In various agricultural projects



Countries across the world

More than 


years of experience



of people have been fed over the years because of our projects

Our Experience

Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United States, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Tunisia, Madagascar, Ghana, Nicaragua


  • Venezuela: TRIOS RIOS:  50,000 ha, Irrigated, sugar cane, peanut, canola, cattle, swine, chicken
  • Venezuela: MORICHAL LARGO:  3800 ha, Irrigated, peanut, sorghum, tomato processing
  • USA: SKYLINE FARMS, INC., H.J. Heinz:  4,000 ha,  irrigated grains, vegetables
  • USA: DESERT MAGIC, INC.   5,000 ha pivot irrigated, forages, grains, vegetables
  • USA: PACIFIC NORTHWEST FARMS:  7,000 ha,  pivot irrigated, forages, grains, vegetables, cattle
  • USA: PNWF FRESH PRODUCE: 2,000 tons/day of potatoes & onions for fresh market
  • USA: PNWF POTATO PROCESSING COMPLEX:  Dehydrated potato flakes/french fries
  • USA: PNWF GRAIN STORAGE/SHIPPING TERMINAL:  1MM bushel storage/barge loading facility
  • USA: PNWF STORAGE COMPLEX: All-weather storages: 200,000 tons of potatoes/onions
  • USA: POTLATCH COMPANY, USA:  Biomass Project of 15,000 acres for a Carbon Sink 
  • USA: OMEGA FUELS & ENERGY, LLC.:  Joint Venture DOE of a 50 MMGA ethanol facility
  • USA: SOUTH TEXAS ALGAE LLC.:  300 ha carbon sequestering algae technology
  • Nicaragua: San Ramon Agricultural Operations 4985 ha
  • Nicaragua: FDC Nicaragua Aquaculture Project 1,000 ton/annual
  • Nicaragua: San Ramon Cattle Breeding & Feeding 5,000 hd/annual
  • Nicaragua: San Ramon Methane Generating Facility 10.5 mW


  • Saudi Arabia: SAUDI AGRICULTURAL & IRRIGATION DEVELOPMENT LTD.:  Agriculture developments 
  • Saudi Arabia: AL BURAYDAH DEVELOPMENT: 4500 ha, pivot irrigated, grains, forages, date palm
  • Saudi Arabia: Al QASSIM GRAIN DEVELOPOMENT PROJECT: 5,000 ha, pivot irrigated, various crops
  • Libya:  Great Man-made River Agriculture Sector
  • Libya:  Desert Project Review & Modernization Program
  • Egypt: 6TH OCTOBER PROJECT: 12,000 ha
  • Libya: WADI ARIEL GRAIN PROJECT :  5,000 ha Wadi development and modernization
  • Egypt: WADI NATRUN:  3,500 ha, Irrigated, engineering, crop production, environmental, marketing
  • Libya: TARHOUNA-ABU AISHA DEVELOPMENT: 2,500 ha, olive, grains, vegetable
  • Libya: SIRTE FARM & DAIRY: 10,000 ha, grain, milk, forages
  • Libya: MAKNUSSA GRAIN-FORAGE PROJECT:  4,400 ha, grains, forages
  • Libya: SARIR ONION PRODUCTION PROJECT:  400 ha, pivot irrigated, onion production
  • Libya: SEBHA DAIRY PROJECT:  1,000 head, milk, ice cream
  • Libya: MAKNUSSA ELECTRICAL NETWORK:  4,500 ha Maknussa Electric system
  • Libya: ONION STORAGE PROJECT:  280,000 tons climate controlled, national food security complex
  • Libya: TRIPOLI GREENHOUSE PROJECT:  40 ha, irrigation, water recycle system
  • Libya: SEBHA DATE PALM PROJECT:  100 ha, imported varieties, equipment, technology
  • Egypt: Dina Food Security Project 10,000 ha
  • Ghana: FDC Ghana Oil Palm Plantation & Pressing 10,000 ha
  • Madagascar: Delta Agricultural Complex & Processing (food security) 20,000 ha
  • Madagascar: State Food Security Program
  • Tunisia: El Alama Agricultural & Dairy 3,000 ha/1,000 hd dairy
  • Mauritania: National Agricultural Development Plan
  • Mauritania: Kaedi Production Complex 40,000 ha
  • Mauritania: Rosso (RADM) Development 25,000 ha
  • Ethiopia: National Agricultural Modernization Program National Food Security
  • Ethiopia: Metname Sugar Company – Sugar cane, milling, marketing 8,900 ha
  • Ethiopia: Upper Awash Industries – cotton plantation & milling 7,500 ha
  • Ethiopia: Middle Awash Enterprises – fruit orchards & packing operation 8,500 ha

Message from our Chief Executive Officer

“At FDC, our mission is to increase food security, stimulate economic growth, and protect and improve the environment. We thrive because of our agribusiness knowledge and a great team behind our services.”

Brent Kartchner CEO