Agribusiness Centers

FDC-Texas International has the systems needed to ensure profitability of agriculture farms for entire regions.
These centrally located agriculture centers offer services to: the Anchor Farm, Cooperatives, Grower Associations, and hosts of small farmers.
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Equipment Supply Repair and Servicing

FDC can approve, purchase, and deliver new equipment as per the regional demand. We can service and repair equipment such as tractors, pumps, tillage, and harvest equipment as required to keep farms running and efficient. This ensures reduced replacement costs and ensures that supplier and factory warranties are enforced and costs recovered as needed.


FDC offers a technical support staff experienced in all aspects of production, processing, and marketing. We have experts for educating and training local farmers and operators along with additional Specialists on an “as needed” basis and we can offer a review or evaluation of overall project management.

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Inventory and Supplies Control

FDC has the tools to improve and organize efficient inventory control within a region. We implement a regional warehouse for materials that are needed by each project or small farm. These materials are assured to be ready on a timely basis as needed.

Data Collection Through Drones and Gathering Centers

FDC can accumulate data on various operations within the region, project, or groups of small farms by using the latest drone technologies. These drones gather detailed data on projects, potential weather issues, etc. The data is then assembled into usable form for budget review, financing, and possible international investments.

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