Agricultural Sector Opportunities

The agriculture sector offers investors a wealth of opportunities to capture growth & income driven by rising demand for foods & fuels. FDC-Texas provides direct property & development management, loan servicing, markets, and due diligence consulting on individual project based on asset class analysis, market commentary & opportunities to participate in real-asset agriculture investments.
Demand for agricultural commodities is rising fast due to:

  • Population growth is occurring at the fastest pace in history
  • Super-size populations in developing economies are spending their rising incomes on food & energy, demanding a more resource-intensive, western-style diet
  • Current Agricultural productivity is close to the limit of expansion
  • Climate change & a host of other agricultural land reducing factors

The increasing demand for food, feed & fuel coupled with a diminishing supply of productive assets is causing growth in farmland & commodities, placing agricultural investment strategies high on the agenda of institutional and private investors.
Agricultural land has shown to outperform the majority of traditional investment assets & financial markets, thus protecting portfolios during periods of economic volatility. As the agriculture sector expands due to a continually larger population requiring more commodities, well-managed investors will capitalize on this growth in demand for products and services, generating capital growth & income from properly managed farmland.
Example: Organizations Investing In Agribusiness/Farmland:

  • African Agricultural Capital, Agrifirma
  • Belton Private Equity, Black Earth Farming, Black River Asset Management
  • Al Cardinal Investment, LLC.
  • Deutsche Bank, Dow Employee’s Pension Plan
  • Emerging Capital Partners, Emirates Investment Group
  • Gates Foundation, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, George Washington University Endowment Fund, Global Environmental Fund, Goldman Sachs – Great Southern Management
  • Hancock Agricultural Investment Group
  • Industrial Development Corp, Islamic Development Bank
  • Libyan Investment Authority, Libyan Foreign Investment Company
  • Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investments, Morgan Stanley
  • UBS AgriVest
  • Phatisa Group
  • Sanlam Private Equity, SilverStreet Capital
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Volksvermogen
  • Wexford Capital

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