Water Conservation


Agricultural success hinges on many factors, the number one most common fear is the lack of fresh water. There is a direct correlation between hunger, poverty and water shortages.

Stretching the available water:

  • Efficient Irrigation Technology: Shifting crops irrigated using flood irrigation, sprinkler and drip.  
  • Advance Irrigation Management: Apply modern management methods to save water.
  • Modest Crop Shift: Reduce percentage of lower-value, water-intense crops to higher-value, water-efficient crops.
  • Smart Irrigation Scheduling: Using irrigation scheduling information for precise irrigation.
  1. An estimated $60b was lost due to drought in 2012
  2. Agriculture uses 70% of freshwater consumed
  3. Water shortage is the major impact on food security
  4. To grow enough food for one person requires 2,000 liters of water per day


  1. Create infrastructure for training and knowledge sharing on modern irrigation techniques
  2. Expand access to water technology – convert from flood to drip or sprinkler irrigation
  3. Modernization of existing systems – eliminate weakage, evaporation
  4. Incentives such as affordable credits for farmers to improve irrigation
  5. Financial risk management mechanisms such as crop insurance


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