Small Farm Services


“Knowledge Intense, Local Specific, Environmentally Sound”

Farmer owned cooperatives, grower associations or individual farmers continue to increase in popularity, and FDC-Texas can assist in creating sustainable operations among the smaller farmer sectors. 

This can be accomplished by Services & Venture Participation with the Smallholders:

  • Formation of Grower Association & Cooperative operations
  • Water Conservation Systems- simple drip irrigation packages (more crops per drop)(1-2ha units)
  • Specialized Seeds & Natural Pedation
  • Develop Cropping Projections & National Requirements
  • Agribusiness Training
  • Specialized Equipment & Support
  • Food Processing & Storage
  • Marketing Consortiums

 Current Small Farmer Status

  • Worldwide – 400 million small farmers
  • Africa is fed by 33 million small farmers
  • These farms produce 85% of Africa’s food
  • Employ 65% of Africas population
  • The average African small farm is 2 ha or less
  • Many of these Farms are women owned & operated

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