Personnel and Training

Future agribusiness will require the use of cutting edge technologies, innovations, dedications & pioneering spirit to full the ever increasing demands for food, fiber and fuels.  Today, as veterans with a solid success record behind us, FDC-Texas enjoys a sense of satisfactionand willingness to address  each new challenge.  Let us join with you to create new ventures.

The most important resource of any nation is the men & women that will become that nation’s future food providers.  To better prepare these people for employment in the agribusiness sector, FDC-Texas utilizes a coalition of classroom & in-the-field experience as the backbone of its training methodology.

  • We also have a long standing relationship with a number of Universities and Technical institutions that can join with FDC-Texas in its goal to increase the number of qualified personnel needed to assume the responsibility for increasing food production to meet the ever growing demands.

  • FDC’s Livestock/Fish/Poultry Division utilizes the latest scientific techniques to insure the least costly supply of protein & dairy products.

FDC-Texas training includes all spectrum of the social and agribusiness sectors:

  • Agriculture Development: helping poor farmers increase their productivity and income.
  • Financial Services: making a wide range of financial services available to people in developing countries.
  • Policy, Advcacy, and Special Initiatives: increase awareness of global development issues; indentifying and promoting powerful solutions; and advocating for more effective investments in agribusiness.
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: investing in effective sanitation approaches that will contribute to a world free of hunger, where families lead healthier, more productive lives.
  • Create Agriculture Technology Centers, including anchor farms, that can serve as training centers for regional small farms.  
  • Training program can include:
  1. Ag Economics – Basis for Co-ops, Grower Associations, State-owned facilities
  2. Agronomics – Full aspects of production, including GM seeds
  3. Farm Production Technologies – Modern machinery operations and maintenance
  4. Management – LEAN, Six Sigma, CRM, SCM, SPS
  5. Irrigation, Drainage and Water Conservation
  6. Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture – Turn-key packages
  7. Food Processing – Includes sanitation, storages, transportation and packaging
  8.  Marketing – Unlocking domestic and export possibilities, develop branding

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