Management Team

BRENT KARTCHNER:  President & Chief Executive Officer

As the owner and founder of Food Development Corporation of Texas (FDC-Texas), Brent Kartchner has over 40 years experienced in international and US agri-business and energy business development, managment and operations. He possesses a passion for entrepreneurialism and social development revolving around national needs for agriculture expansion. He has a history of owning and managing large farming and food processing companies in the US, plus developed start-up businesses in Biofuels – ethanol, biodiesel, algae. Over the years he has worked with wide range of donors, governments, NGOs and businesses in over 40 countries. He is fully versed in agri-business inputs and utilizes LEAN, SKMS, Six Sigma, CRM, and SCM management systems. He has a proven track record of successful sustainable developments utilizing funding packages with USAID, FAO, AfDB, Islamic Development Bank, Gulf investors, others.

Living in the Middle East and Africa for years has reinforced President Kartchner’s enterprise-based approach to development and scale-up solutions for challenges arising from the impact of energy and globalization on poverty and the environment. As an advisor to a number of national leadership, agencies, private sector and multinational funding groups; he has a history of: promoting direct foreign investments across Africa, Middle East, South America, managing a multinational team, establishing goals, projected results in a fluid environment and specializing in the privatization/modernization of State-owned agribusiness assets.

Brent has written a series of Research-Whitepapers, agriculture based magazine series, four novels, and has lectured worldwide on the growing need for agriculture expansion and food security. He is a US Army veteran with an education from Brigham Young University with memberships in a number of technical and political organizations.

Dr. ASHRAF S.A. HUSSEIN:  Senior Partner/Chairman: Al-Cardinal-FDC, LLC.

Dr. Ashraf Hussein is the Chairman and founder of the Al Cardinal Investment, LLC.  He is FDC-Texas’ partner in the with offices in Riyadh, Washington DC, Khartoum, Dubai and Juba.

He is also an owner of a number of other firms with extended activities in Sports teams, Aerospace, Defense, Security, Engineering, and Construction, Project Financing and Public Relations.

Dr. Ashraf is a Board Member of several corporations including banks, sport teams, construction, finance, agricultural including food processing.  He is the largest food oil producer in Ethiopia.

Dr. Al-Damer holds a Doctorate degree and a Masters in General Business. He is fluent in Arabic and English with working ability in several other languages.


Headquartered in Dubai, Mr. Abdulla Al-Abdooli is the Chairman of KILWA Group of companies based in Dubai, UAE.  KILWA Group serves as FDC-Texas’ partner in KFDC-Texas, LLC. with a 100,000 acre agricultural venture in Sudan and 50,000 acres in South Sudan, supported by new office buildings and housing development projects.

Mr. Al-bdooli has a long series of successful ventures within the Gulf Region and Africa.  His food company is a major importer and transportation of foods and forages into the Gulf area.  His energy firm operates in Africa with oil exploration and drilling operations.

Mr. Al Abdooli serves on the board of a number of companies and banks, including the ADIB.  He is fluent in English and Arabic.


Mr. Hamza is the Sudan Operations for FDC International and is well versed in the food procurement and distribution systems with operating businesses in Africa and the Gulf Region.  His experience includes much of Eastern Africa across a number of expertise.

Hamza is fluent in English, Arabic, Turkey, and several other African dialects and is based in Khartoum.

HAZIM AWAD ELKARIM:  Senior Legal Specialist – Sudan

Mr. Elkarim is will trained in the legal profession, with some 30 years of experience in the energy sector, especially the petroleum business with the HIGLEIG Petroleum Group.

Educated in the UK, he obtained his law degrees at Oxford.  Hazim is fluent in English and Arabic.

L.J. ASPINALL: Senior Engineer – Water & Irrigation

L.J. has 35 years of experience in agricultural and industrial design, installation and water treatment.  Serving in a wide range of management, L.J. has directed teams of specialists in all aspects of water control, distribution and recovery.   He worked for 26 years with NALCO, in development, marketing and implementation of technologies to extend the life of water cycles in all aspects of food, agriculture, and petroleum industries.

Having lived for years in the Near and Far East, L.J. is well versed in both desert and tropical environmental settings, and the water issues being faced in both regions.  He is keen on conservation, having lectured on methods and technologies on recycling, non-polluting, and conserving water.  A strong advocate of protecting the Rain Forest to insure the fresh water cycle.

L.J. has a degree from Florida College and served as an officer in the US Army, both combat commander and helicopter pilot and is a Vietnam Vet.  He belongs to a number of organizations and is active in supporting Veteran causes, world hunger, and church.

JARED KERR: CFO – Controller

Jared has twelve years of experience in International/US funding and operations. As a member of the Group Executive Committee, he is responsible for IFRS, US GAPP and SEC regulations and Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Jared reviews value chain, enterprise expansion and the company’s sustainable economic growth while maintaining a High Level Security Rating which includes: IT management/financial data & personnel, patents plus maps out strategic accounting designs, improved competition action, motivate procedures for the operating teams. Skilled in LEAN accounting/management systems, his responsibilities include responding to & implementation of strategies alliances insuring global/regional priorities.

Jared earned a BA, Utah Valley University, Certified Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), and coaches youth sports.

ZAKARIA HAMZA SIDDIG:  Senior Financial Manager (CPA)

Zakaria has served as a Senior Auditor, Controller, Head of Studies, and Commercial Manager for a number of American and British companies in Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC.  He is educated in Business and Accounting at the University of Khartoum, with advance training at London School of Accountancy in London, and CPA training in USA-California.

His experience includes managing contracts, logistics, purchasing in addition to directing the Finance and Administration Departments in companies worth billions.  These include the Greater Nile Oil and the Berber Cement Company where he served as the Finance Manager where he coordinated the audits with the big five audit firms. He was worked with a number of companies within the energy sector

Mr. Siddig has lectured on Accounting and Business Law in Riyadh, ACCA candidates in Sudan, and is a member of the executive committee of the American Sudanese Friendship Society.  He is fluent in English, Arabic, and German.

EARL STOUT: VP – International Business Development

Earl has 35 years of experience in US and International business. Earl was with Mobil Chemical for 14 years managing domestic and international ethylene facilities. These include performing financial analysis, budget development, internal audits and creating internal controls. He supports FDC-Texas in the central controls, governance and assurance departments providing roles in consulting, business development and corporate governances. Earl has a proven leadership in both the public and private sectors and offers a passion for social improvement through food security. Earl understands the need for immediate response & implementation of strategies insuring global or regional priorities. He has a solid base of financial and management accounting, system implementation, finance process and organization design and controls review projects for a wide range of clients; both NGO, public and foundations. He is highly experienced in the USAID, FAO and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) solicitation requirements and Cost Accounting Standards.

Earl served in the US Army – Lieutenant Colonel, Command and General Staff College Instructor; received an MA, BA from the University of California, is fluent in German and holds a Series 7, 63 Securities Certifications and maintains an active US Government Secret Security Clearance. He also is a Director of Lone Star Veterans Association and as a coach with the Special Olympics.

KAMI JENSEN: Associate – Business Management

Kami’s position assists the company and its strategic partners by promoting ‘enterprise-based’ solutions as the most effective means to impact development challenges on a global scale. She has assisted in facilitated funding packages with AfDB, Islamic Development Bank, Gulf investors, and others. Kami has spent years in a variety of finance and corporate communications roles, including the introduction/training for LEAN Management, and Accounting concepts for FDC-Texas USA and its offshore operations. Also serves as team leader for Sales, Operations, R&D, Finance, Management and PR committee meetings.

She obtained her degree from BYU Hawaii, is involved in church, community food banks, and manages youth sports programs.

KOLBY KARTCHNER:  Senior Regional Director

Kolby has years of experience in International/US business operations. He possesses an entrepreneurial spirit based in agriculture, environmental and aquaculture. He has served as the Lead Negotiator for contracts/ventures including; purchasing, shipping, construction and management. Positions included Infrastructural Manager for a large agriculture operation in USA; including silos/barge facility, food processing, marketing, farming, transportation with cropping programs for 12,000 acre irrigated crops. His modernization savings returned 12% on the energy/water budgets.

He is skilled in LEAN management systems, project operations and project finance with specialties in farm inputs: labor, tillage, seeds, irrigation, fertilizer, equipment. He serves on the African Food/Employment/Poverty Program which is an FDCT 3 year roll out plan that targets For-Profit, sustainable projects with pillars based on food security, employment, and education. He also is involved in the company’s Strategic Security: quality assurance, IT management/financial data, and personnel.

Kolby attended the University of Nevada and is fluent in Spanish, active with the Ronald McDonald House, Church, martial arts, and Boy Scouts.

DR. MOHAMED R.A. YOUSIF: VP – International Micro-Finance Sector

Mohamed is a business and project development expert, a business strategist and an international marketing specialist with 25 years of international experience in business.  He has operated at the corporate levels with multinational firms such as FedEX, Lockheed-Martin, and development organizations: UNDP, World Bank, IOM, IFAD, JICA and the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA).

Dr. Yousif’s activities focused on projects in the development field and aimed at economically empowering the poverty ridden by using SME and Micro-Enterprise Development based on value chain and franchising business models.

He achieved his Ph.D in 1985 from George Washington University, Washington, DC, with additional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Marketing, Potomac Institution.   Mohamed is fluent in English and Arabic.

ABDULRAZZAK GUSBI: Regional Director, North Africa

Abdulrazzak has a long history of agribusiness in North Africa with experience in the entire supply chain supporting and managing agriculture development and operations in the desert regions.  His duties include: identifying possible partners, funds projects, supporting the development and managing projects, and negotiating and executing investments in a variety of organizations.

Abdulrazzak is fluent in 4 languages, has degrees in Ag Econ and Political Science from the University of Tripoli and is very active in pressing for rural growth and poverty reduction through the use of agriculture.

ABDUL HAMZA:  VP – Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa

Abdul is well versed in operations in Africa, with over 30 years of experience on the continent.  He offers a professional leadership experience in the developing country setting.  He identifies partners, funds projects, supporting the development and managing projects, and negotiating and executing investments in a variety of organizations.  Has a strong understanding of agriculture markets, especially staple food markets in sub-Saharan regions.  He is capable of evaluating and completing grant opportunities in direct support of the FDC-Texas Development strategy, working in close cooperation with other members of the team.

Abdul is fluent in 6 languages, has a degree in accounting with a CPA standing, and is  very active in  the issues of world hunger, displaced peoples, and has lectured on “Peace Through Food Security”.

Honorable ABDUL RAHIM ALI HAMAD: Former Minister of Agriculture Sudan – Agricultural Senior Specialist

Abdul Rahim has a long record of successful agriculture involvement that resulted with him serving as Minister of Agriculture in Sudan for six years. Educated at the University of Khartoum, he gained additional training at a wide array of schools and seminars.  His policies included Rural Development to reduce poverty, expanded the agricultural extension to all part of the country.  Expanded the National Pest Control in coordination with international partners.  Oversaw the federal investment in agriculture and promoted the concepts of food security.

Mr. Hamad was the CEO of Arabian Trading and Contracting which was a Saudi venture, served on the boards of the Gezira Scheme, Rahad Ag Corp., Suki Ag Foundation, Halfa Ag Corporation, and the Agricultural Research Corporation. He relationships include the FAO, AARDO, AAAID, DELCO, IFAD, and others.  Abdul is well versed in the political, social, and economical necessities for successful agricultural expansion and the positive effects of such development can bring to the State and Nation if engineered and managed correctly.

Being well traveled,  the former Minister is fluent in English and Arabic.

HARRIET KARTCHNER: Corporate Liaison

Harriet supports the FDC-Texas management in building and maintaining effective stakeholder relations in the US and European operations. She serves as the Primary Liaison between corporate partners and NGOs, foundations, by providing experience in business coordination and management. Having owned and operated her own production business for years; she established a mail order business, computer based controls, set the goals, projected results in a safe and profitable environment. Harriet’s talents include mapping strategic marketing, competition action and teaching methods to motivate the teams. She also serves by reporting/reacting to trends, threats, and opportunities within the agribusiness sectors.

Harriet earned her degree from Brigham Young University, (Cum Laude).

KELSEY CALL: Associate – Human Resources & Communications

Kelsey’s primarily responsibility is Human Resources and Communications for FDC-Texas. The international nature of FDC-Texas’ business activities requires a strong HR department. The varied demands, rules, regulations, movement, visas and distant locations require the qualification and training for certain talented individuals. Kelsey interacts with a number of professional recruiters to fulfill the company’s personnel needs. Serving as the Sustainable Development Team Leader has enabled her to supervised expatriate hiring/programs directly with other national staff.

Communications includes documents, brochures, pictures, logo, engineering drawings and study packages suitable for USAID, AfDB, IDB, ITFC, ICD and others. She selects package design for feasibility studies/business development proposals. Well versed in the latest of communication hardware, methods, costs and all, she is accountable for strategic guidance, quality assurance, and knowledge/data security. Kelsey also participates in customer interactions and trade shows. Duties also include representing the company in local Business Bureaus, activities, community actions and support to the ‘New Development Programs’ (NDP). The security of corporate data is another sector of responsibilities.

Kelsey earned her BA at Utah Valley University and serves on a number of community action groups including the Republican Texas Party and is a professional photographer.

Abdeen Hamza: Research & Analysis

Abdeen’s primarily responsibility is to perform research and serve as advisor to the President and Chairman pertaining to overall development, management , marketing, budgeting and proposal selection for the committee chairs. She advises management pertaining to new innovative ideas and programs.

Prior to joining FDC-Texas, he served in the Diplomatic missions to Kosovo to compile research investment for the Economic Forum of Southeast Europe on Trade and Investment Summit. Duties included compiling the Embassy’s financial fiscal reports.  is experienced in civil issues, tax requirements, and business opportunities in southeastern Europe and served as liaison between the Ambassador and staff to plan out development for the State of Kosovo.

Serving as the Sustainable Development Assistant Team Leader has enabled her to assists in preparing feasibility reports includes documents, brochures and study packages suitable for USAID, AfDB, IDB, ITFC, ICD and others. Kade also participates in customer interactions and trade shows.

He earned his BA and law degrees while schooling in Paris. Fluent in French, English and Arabic, he serves on a number of positions within the Dafur Relief Efforts.

LYNNAL NDIMANDE: Associate – Research & Analysis

Lynnal’s primarily responsibility is to perform research and serve as advisor to the various Project Leaders. She advises management pertaining to new innovative ideas and programs especially in French speaking regions of FDCT’s activities including Mauritania, Mali, Senegal and Tunisia.

Serving as the Sustainable Development Assistant Team Leader has enabled her to assists in preparing feasibility reports includes documents, brochures and study packages suitable for USAID, AfDB, IDB, ITFC, ICD and others. Lynnal also participates in customer interactions and trade shows.

Lynnal earned her MA, Georgetown University and BA, Texas Lutheran University with honors. Fluent in French, English, and Spanish. She serves on a Haiti Relief Project, Delta Epsilon Iota and Honor Society.

JIM HAMMOND: Retired Chairman 

Jim Hammond has over 45 years of experience in US and International business development and operations. He has a strong background in business start-ups and development. He worked for Exxon Corporation for 23 years, operating within research, engineering and design, refining, chemicals, computer technologies and agriculture.

Upon leaving Exxon,  Jim was one of the 7 founders of “Administaff” which grew revenues to $1 billion and was taken public in 1997. Across his career he has served as an advisor to governmental leadership, NGO agencies, private sector and multinational funding groups. Entrepreneurial experience includes start-up ventures in international agriculture, biofuels – (ethanol, biodiesel, algae). Jim is very involved in reducing poverty, seeking solutions of food security and world hunger. He had dedicated time and money toward the conversion of salt water to drinking water by use of his patented designs. Other designs include his Alternative Energy Tower, which can provide electrical power needs in remote areas.

Retired Chairman Hammond holds a number of patents and serves on board of five companies and three foundations. Jim served as an officer in the US Army and graduated in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

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