Biomass, Biofuels & Co-Generation

FDC-TX concentrates it energy efforts in the Biomass, Biofuels and Co-Generation energy sectors.  Besides the standard plants used to create energy, we have available a number of specialized varieties that perform very well in semi-arid and extreme temperature environments.  Plus they do not compete with the food crops.
Biodiesel and Ethanol: can be produced from a wide array of plant sources, including:  Sugar Cane, Jatropha, Guayule, Jajoba, Camelina, Palm Oil, Agave and other standard crops. 
Biomass:  A number of methods of converting fibrous materials into motor fuels is now available that develops a sustainable source of energy.  These include Algae, grasses, straws, and wood waste.
Co-Generation: can be developed from using forage wastes, biogasse and custom grasses.  The “Stem to Steam” concept can create a large volume of sustainable energy. The forage waste stream can be converted into “Fuel Pellets” for ease of shipping and marketing.
Innovation & adaptability are used in the design, construction & operation of these modern energy systems.  Often these project can support regions that lack adequate electrical power generation & distribution.




Other FDC-TX Energy Options

  • Wind powered generating , animal waste -methane conversion and solar collection systems  


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