Asset Purchase and Management

FDC-Texas specializes in assisting investors in making the correct acquisitions in commercial agricultural farmland worldwide.
Asset Purchase:

· Identify possible farmlands for acquisition or long term lease
Agri Property Ownership

· Develop feasibility study to assure success of the project

· Perform due diligence with respect to all aspects of the project/property

· Physical inspection of site including soils, water, environmental, markets, etc.

· Economic review and program with respect to land capabilities for revenue & profit generation

· Assist with negotiations with current land owner

· Liaise with agent or solicitor for final agreement.

Management of Property:

Farm Equipment

· Provide a finance management system to monitor the project

· Sourcing & employment of suitable farm managers and key personnel

· Source suitable farm equipment, either by purchase or rental agreements

· Negotiate with supply companies

· Provide comprehensive agronomy services

· Develop a marketing program including contact sales, derivates, and co-op alternatives

· Oversee the project management aiming at maximizing profits and yields

· Liaise with accountancy firm to submit bankable packages to the owners

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