Agriculture Investments

FDC-Texas expects its investments pay with high dividends.  Agriculture is considered a high gamble investment, but with a rapid growing world population and increased food consumption, there is an assured means take advantage of global food commodities increasing needs. This enables financial opportunity to provide a reliable, long term growth investment that will remain unaffected by economic slowdown and/or energy prices.

FDC-Texas acts as a fiduciary for the absentee agricultural investor. We offer the key to success for investors in agriculture lands by a supplemented support network of capacity building, advisory services, training, technology transfer, and infrastructure benefits.

FDC-TX can assist in funding with sources from bilateral and multilateral development agencies, who are actively investing via an assortment of public and price-sector channels; the international capital markets, sovereign debt, public-sector, and private LP’s, private equity, and hedge funds are all expanding into the agricultural sector. ¬†

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