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Expanding World Agribusiness
FDC -Texas goals are to improve the food security, create employment, and stimulate economic growth among the populations of the world through the transfer of technology, products, education, and expertise within the agricultural sector.  We are committed to serving the businesses of the world; and to maintaining a balance among political, technological, economical, and ethical factors within each country, without bypassing the circumstances, and socio-economic needs of the food producers and end users.
Economic Growth
The agricultural sector is where the majority of poor people make their living; is the engine of overall economic growth &  poverty reduction.
Historically, agricultural growth typically preceded economic growth in the high-income industrial countries.
It is possible to register growth in GDP & still have 60% of the populas living on $1 a day?  No.  Nations must reduce poverty — developing agriculture is the solution for many nations.
Food Security
We support the efforts to create Food Security. Certain factors will directly effect the success or failure of that effort:
1. There are trade-offs between a fast track to caloric sufficiency & the needs of rural sociology
2. Crop production using the correct technology in an arena of free trade
3.  Rural property rights
4. Smallholders need some degree of revenue certainty & access to markets
5. Open, trust-based markets play a key role
6. Governments must create infrastructure to support access to supplies & markets
Poverty can be defeated with employment which requires education & training.
Investment in youth potential & the skills needed to drive agriculture & the manufacturing, processing, service & logistics sector is critical to the achieve food security.
FDC-Texas utilizes a coalition of classroom & in-the-field experience as the backbone of its training methodology.  For the advanced studies, we have a strong relationships with major universities & selected trade institutions where our employees &  partners can gain further training.

“FDC-Texas is proud to announce a number of agreements that will expand our business in 2018.  This includes the formation of a number of new ventures and organizations will increase our ability to help create food security and meet our company goals.  These include:  

  • FDC International, LLC. — JV,  GIAD Group — Khartoum, Sudan
  • FDC-Texas — JV,  Al Cardinal Investment, LLC. — Dubai, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia
  • The Saudi-American Agriculture Co. (SAAC) — JV,  Gissan Group — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • FDC-Texas International Dubai (FDC-TI) — JV,  Kilwa Group — Dubai, UAE
  • The Saudi-American Agriculture, Ltd.  Sudan (SAAL) — Khartoum, Sudan
  • Texas Mining & Resources Unlimited (TMR) — Juba, South Sudan
  • Representative of the Hawad Valley Corridor Project — Sudan, 1.5mm hectare development

Our successful agribusinesses and partnerships serve as the basis for rapid economic development and employment within our operating regions.  FDC-Texas and our partnerships can serve as the catalyst to modernize a nation’s agribusinesses, create a profitable venture, and improve the quality of life for all.”

Brent Kartchner, President & CEO,  FDC-Texas

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